Syllabus Jan -Dec 2023

3rd    Closed
10th   Closed
14th   DEADLINE:  DPI'S of Exhibition Prints
17th    Open DPI competition.    Judge: Nick Hilton
24th   Video night
24th   DEADLINE:   1st handing in night for Exhibition prints
28th   DEADLINE:  DPI'S for February Print Comp
31st    Discussion night
31st    DEADLINE:   Handing in night for February Print Comp
31st    DEADLINE:   Last handing in night for Exhibition prints

7th   Open print competition.   Judge: John Riley
7th    DEADLINE:   Audio-Visual Competition entries. (data stick to Phil Yates)
14th   Annual AV competition
18th   DEADLINE:   Exhibition DPI entries.
21st   Portrait night
25th   DEADLINE:   DPI entries for Named assignment - ''REFLECTIONS''
28th  Exhibition Prints.   Judge: Les Hitchcock

7th   Named DPI competition. Subject: Reflections    Judge: Tilman Kleinhams
14th   Exhibition DPI's    Judge: Harry Emmett
21st   L&CPU Folio
25th   DEADLINE:   DPI's for April Print Competition
28th   AGM
28th   DEADLINE:   Handing in night for April Print Competition

4th   Open print competition.   Judge: Keith Barber
11th   Outdoor shoot
18th  Table top night
22nd   DEADLINE:   DPI's for May Competition
25th   Annual awards evening

2nd   Open DPI competition.   Judge: James Hardy
6th   DEADLINE:   DPI's for Song Titles Assignment
9th    Where are we?
16th   Named DPI Fun comp, club to judge.  Subject: Song titles
23rd   Audio visual night
27th   DEADLINE:   DPI's for June Print Competition
30th    Lecture:  What to do with your photographs after taking them,  by  Terry Hewitt
30th    DEADLINE:   Handing in night for June Print Competition

6th   Open print competition.   Judge: Nick Hilton
13th   My favourite five
20th   Summer outdoor shoot
24th   DEADLINE:   DPI's for July Competition
26th    (Monday) Inter-club battle vs Swinton. Away at Swinton
27th   Lecture:   Talk to me,  by  Steve Proctor

4th Open DPI competition.  Judge: David Butler
11th Portrait Night:   Graham Currey
18th Quiz Night
22nd  DEADLINE:   DPI's for August Print Competition
25th Lecture  ''Realising your potential''  by  Brian Law
25th  DEADLINE:   Handing in night for August Print Competition

1st  Open print competition.   Judge: Keith Barber
8th Photo Hunt
15th Mono DPI's - unjudged
22nd Mix & Match battle.    Judge: TBA
26th  DEADLINE:   DPI's for September Competition
29th Photo Essay

5th  Open DPI competition. Judge: Adrian Lines
12th Discussion night / L&CPU folio
19th Show DPI's from outdoor shoot
23rd  DEADLINE:   DPI's for October Print Competition
26th Crossword competition
26th  DEADLINE:   Handing in night for October Print Competition

3rd  Open print competition.   Judge: Daryl Giles
10th Chat & help night
17th My favourite photographer
24th Before and after
28th  DEADLINE:   DPI's for November named Competition
31st TBA

7th Named DPI competition. Subject ''Night Photography''  Judge: John Riley
14th Table top night
21st Four prints on one mount
25th  DEADLINE:   DPI's for December Print Competition
28th AV night
28th DEADLINE:   Handing in night for December Print Competition

5th  Open print competition.   Judge: Jason Merrin
12th Annual Exhibition preparation night
16th  DEADLINE:   DPI's for 2024 Annual Exhibition DPI Categories
19th Christmas party
26th Closed
30th  DEADLINE:   DPI's for 2024 Annual Exhibition Print Categories